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Clois Workshop June


All Classes Listed Below!

For more information and scheduling please call FireFusion Studio – 208.345.1825

Join in on the fun! Students experience an exciting and engaging atmosphere while designing and creating exquisite and dramatically colorful art in the fully equipped FireFusion Studio. Instruction in a variety of techniques from beginner to advanced is available to ignite independent creative passion and self expression.


Cloisonné Workshop

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12 hour group course – $180

Private course – $50 per hour per student and $20 for materials

*Please call to schedule ahead of time.

Cloisonné (pronounced cloy-zon-ay, French for “partition”) is an ancient metalwork technique that makes use of small, precious metal filaments and colorful glass enamels to create brilliant artwork. The metal wires are bent into shapes to create small cells, (partitions) of designs, and many coats of finely ground glass enamel are fired into them until one unique piece of art is rendered. Cloisonné is probably the most recognized enamel technique and is most commonly used in jewelry, though the craft can be found in many facets of the art world, including the production of hand-made dishes, vases and abstract pottery.

*Note: All the tools and equipment are provided for use in this class

Here’s what you’ll learn in this class!

  • Discover fun, simple techniques to create original enameled pieces quickly; learn how to prepare, apply and fire enamel for maximum clarity over fine silver and silver foil fused to copper.
  • Try out the tips for making basic fine-silver or copper shapes and bending wire to make simple or complex cloisonne patterns. Learn how to fuse silver and copper balls, colorful jewels, and threads into the design.
  • Play with color and see how easy it is to create color gradations that flow seamlessly into one another.
  • Both firing with a torch and kiln will be taught. Explore several finishing methods to polish your enamel.

What you’ll take home with you:

  • Make a cloisonné enamel piece suitable for setting into a bezel!


First Thursday’s “Make Your Own…”

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2 hour class – $40 Discounted Price!

First Thursday takes place on the first Thursday of each month, throughout downtown Boise. The event focuses on providing visitors the chance to stroll through the unique shops and galleries in downtown Boise.

We also team up with local wine, beer, music, and food vendors for First Thursday, including but not limited to: Cinder Wines – Payette brewing – Boise Brewing – and many more!

Every month we teach new torch fire enameling techniques. Please check the calendar to see what you’ll be learning! The two hour class starts at 6 p.m. Please call to sign up for a two hour time slot. Kids Welcome!







Weekly Enameling Courses:

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82 hour group class -95- $50 per person

Private course – $50 per hour per student 

Students are provided with an overview of the ancient and beautiful fine art of glass enameling, which has been practiced throughout the history.

Choose from our classes below, then call our studio to sign up!

Here’s what you’ll learn in this class!

  • Metal preparation and fabrication for enameling, and the basic theory and physics of fire enameling using a torch and a kiln.

What you’ll take home with you:

  • Up to two copper enamel jewelry sized pieces.
  • A wealth of knowledge and the spark to take your jewelry making and new enameling skills to the next level.

Want to make your class a private class?! No problem! This is a great opportunity for a girls night out, birthday celebrations, corporate functions, or family outings. Our only requirement is you have a minimum of 4 people. With any class you attend, you are more than welcome to bring wine, beer, and h’ordeuvres to be enjoyed during class. Call today to schedule your class!

    *Note: All the tools and equipment are provided for use in this class.
    *No previous jewelry or metalsmithing skills are needed.

Stencil and Liquid Sgraffito

Create your own enamel pieces using stenciling and liquid enamel sgraffito techniques with a torch and in a kiln. We have many copper shapes, colors, and stencils that you get to choose from to make your piece unique! Using the stencils will help you create texture and design. And the liquid sgraffito allows you to draw and create a more abstract piece. During this class, you’ll quickly come to appreciate the fine technique of enameling – once you create a piece you’ll be hooked!

Millefiori and Transparent Colors

Learn the unique and beautiful enameling technique of glass millefiori and stunning transparent colors with dry enamel and a torch. We provide many colors, stencils, and copper shapes for you to choose from! Using stencils will help you get started on your one of a kind piece. But the transparent colors and millefiori will really make your piece come together. If you love color, linear work, and flowers then this is the option for you! No drawing required!

Stamping and Texturing with Transparent Colors

Have fun with hammers and explore stamping techniques to add to your skill set! Engrave, hammer, or stamp into metal and then enamel with beautiful opalescent transparent color.

Introduction to Champleve

Learn the unique and beautiful enameling technique of champleve (pronounced “shomp-la-vay”). This ancient technique involves filling vitreous enamel in the indentations of a metal object. The raised portions of the metal will remain untouched while the brilliant enamel will be visible in the grooves. This process has roots as early as the 1st century B.C. from the Celtics! Create your own one-of-a-kind-piece! No drawing required!





Introduction To Welding

Call to schedule your own private class!

$180 for 1 person for 3 hours; $350 for 2 people for 3.5 hours. (2 people max)

This class will inspire and guide you to the type of welding appropriate for the project you want to complete or the direction you want to follow. Delia specializes in Gas Tungsten ARC Welding (GTAW) (TIG),  but will also teach MIG wire welding, and oxy acetylene gas welding upon request. Gas Tungsten ARC Welding (GTAW) (TIG) welding is a precise method that makes clean, focused welds on everything from super thin to very thick materials.
Using the TIG process, you can weld any metal you desire (including steel, stainless steel and copper) and even join dissimilar metals. Beginners will be introduced to plasma cutting, annealing, texturing, forming and use power and hand tools to finish your work. All safety equipment, tools and scrap steel metal will be provided. You must wear leather shoes, long pants and crew neck tee-shirt during the class.








Wall Pieces! – Experimental Mark Making and Texture with Liquid Enamels



3 hour class – $120 

Private course – $50 per hour per student and $35 for materials


Experimentation is endless with liquid enamels! I will share many techniques that will spark endless creativity in painting and drawing without fear! You must have at least taken the Introduction to Enameling class before reserving space in this class. Please call to schedule ahead of time


*Note: All the tools and equipment are provided for use in this class.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this class!

  • Explore pouring, dipping, and spraying liquid enamels on copper and steel to discover amazing results.
  • You will learn many sgraffito techniques to add text and imagery to your enamels. The sgraffito process allows you to “draw” on enamel by scratching unfired enamel to reveal the beautiful fired enamel below.
  • You will discover fun and simple ways rivets can be used to combine pieces in unique ways for display.
  • Explore painting and drawing techniques using china paints and pencils to add details and textures.

What you’ll take home with you:

  • one steel panel and one copper panel you make in class – more will be additional cost.
  • One will be finished with a box frame for mounting.




*If you cancel or reschedule less than 24 hours in advance, you will need to pay a $20 fee that covers forfeiture and rescheduling of your appointment.*